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  • Update - We're Now a Network!

  • We've evolved into a network to prepare for the future.

Update - We're Now a Network!

Hey everyone,

Good news! As some of you have heard, we've evolved into a network.

What does this mean? :
You can expect new modes in the future instead of a constant mode changes every season. We'll only be starting off with one mode, but you will spawn in a lobby.

What is this mode? :
We're going back to the first mode. Prison.

When will the mode launch? :
There is currently no ETA, but we'll let you know.

What is the new theme? :
The server is going aquatic! All builds will be underwater themed. We'll be updating our media (icon. logo, etc) to reflect on the new theme soon.

Stay tuned for more. Be sure to check our Discord for frequent sneak peaks of upcoming content!